Campli, Archaeology in Abruzzo

turismo archeologico abruzzo

There is a millenary history inside the walls of the old town centre of Campli, whose origins date back to the era of ancient Romans.

Campli: archaeology in Abruzzo

Campli is a quiet village. A small mountain town in the province of Teramo, where there is an ancient treasure brought back to light to be the main attraction of the National Archaeological Museum. In 1917, in fact, masks and kitchen utensils, like kettles and strainers, dating back to 2.000 b.c., were found in Campli.
Besides culture, history, and traditions, nature is a marvellous discovery for those who wish to visit the surroundings of Campli. Its position, situated between the valleys of the Fiumicino and Siccagno rivers, and shaded by the mountain after which the town is named, is spectacular, especially at dawn and at sunset, when light blends with the surrounding landscape creating warm tones.

The National Archaeological Museum of Campli
The National Archaeological Museum of Campli has been built around the archaeological relics of the necropolis of nearby Campovalano, one of the most important ones in Italy. Following the traces of the Italics, you will find relics of great historical and scientific importance.

The necropolis of Campovalano
The Italic necropolis of Campovalano is charming, just like everything that comes from an unknown past. The tombs, weapons, objects and jewels found there, which remember us how important is the cult of the dead for all civilizations, are stone and metal relics just waiting for us to understand their meaning, even if that is not a simple task for people used to electrical and digital equipment like we are.

The churches of Campli
The small town of Campli is rich in sacred architecture and monuments, remains of the ancient believers. From the Church of Santa Maria in Platea, built in various architectural styles as a proof of all the extension work made during centuries, to the Churches of San Francesco and San Giovanni Battista, both built around 1300.

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