Frasassi Grottos

grotte di frasassi

Stalactites, stalagmites, underground tunnels and strange chalky rocks: a guided tour to discover the Frasassi Grottos.

Tour of the Frasassi Grottos

The underground world of the Frasassi Grottos was discovered in 1971 in Genca San Vittore, in the province of Ancona. A natural treasure inside which, among tunnels, karst complexes and natural phenomena such as stalactites and stalagmites modeled by the action of time and water and taking strange looking forms, just like a camel and the sword of Damocles, you will live an extraordinary adventure.
Every year, the Frasassi Grottos are visited by thousands of tourists, and two itineraries have been created: one for specialized visitors and speleologists, and the other for tourist who want a different itinerary. A lighting system has been provided to light up the caves, creating a particular atmosphere.

Length of itinerary

The tourist route lasts approximately 70 minutes, during which you will be more and more astonished. There are many natural attractions that will leave the tourist incredulous, just like a 15 meters high stalactite called “the obelisk”. Thanks to karst lakes and to the Abyss Ancona, one of the biggest hollows in the world, your visit to the grottos will be an unforgettable one.

What to wear

Inside the Frasassi Grottos the percentage of humidity is very high and the temperature inside is a constant 14 °C. This is the reason why it is recommended to wear a pullover or a greatcoat, and to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Guided tours

It is not difficult to get lost inside the Frasassi Grottos: they are so large and, since there are no reference points, you need to have an expert guide by your side. If you need a guide, please contact the Consorzio Frasassi that organizes excursions to this underground wonderland.

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