Atri: from Calanchi to the beach

Itinerari turistici in Abruzzo Atri

Sometimes geomorphic phenomena may turn landscapes into unique sceneries. This is what happened in the Calanchi natural preserve of Atri.

The Calanchi natural preserve of Atri

When a clayey ground is quickly eroded by rain, this may originate geological phenomena with a great visual impact. Tourists coming to Atri, to the Calanchi natural reserve, will find a particular landscape, with a surface of nearly 1000 acres. And it is never the same. Besides cliffs and precipices, which look like the pictures of Malebolge of the Divina Commedia, you can take a relaxing walk in the woods, near the numerous lakes and drainage basins, or in cultivated fields. At present, the Calanchi natural reserve is managed by the commune of Atri.

Atri: from Calanchi to the beach

Besides the particular phenomenon of Calanchi, which cannot be found anywhere else in Italy, except in the province of Siena, Atri enjoys a strategic position, suitable for those who love mountains, as well as for those who think that being on holiday means going to the beach. Actually, from Atri you can easily reach the towns of Silvi Marina and Pineto.

Atri: art and architecture

It is easy to find interesting artworks in Atri. In the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, built during the Middle Ages, you can admire a frescoes cycle by Antonio and Giacomo da Atri and one by Andrea de Litio, while in the Cloister near the Catherdal there is the Capitual Museum. In the old town centre of Atri you can find the Teatro Comunale, built at the end of the 19th century (1881).

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