Ceramics of Castelli

arte in abruzzo ceramiche di caste

Handicrafts: symbol of Italy, they are different from region to region. In Castelli, ceramics is the primary product that originates an art which has survived till present days.

Ceramics of Castelli

The surroundings of Castelli are, and have always been, rich in clay and wood. This may be the reason why during the Middle Ages a group of Benedictines started to work clay and to create precious ceramics, which even kings liked for their beauty.
Centuries have passed and schools to teach how to work clay have been created, but the inhabitants of Castelli in the province of Teramo have not give up their passion for ceramics. Indeed, there are dozens of workshops all over Castelli that display their refined treasures.

The Castelli ceramics museum

The ceramics museum is one of the museums of Abruzzo. It is situated in the cloisters of the ancient Convento dei Minori Osservanti, and there you can admire the beautiful work of Francesco Grue, who decorated one of the central poles of the church of San Giovanni Battista. The museum consists of 15 rooms and a workshop where you can see the various passages of the ceramic production.

Ceramics exhibition in Castelli

Castelli owes almost everything to its history and its handicrafts: this is the reason why every year in august the commune organizes a ceramics exhibition, an open air workroom where ceramists and craftsmen show their ceramics to a large audience. The most particular moment is the “lancio del piatto”, when dishes are thrown from the viewpoint of the town.

The Grue Art Institute

Handing an ancient and precious tradition like the one of Castelli is really important: this is the reason for the creation of the art Institute dedicated to the Renaissance artist Francesco Grue, where students can attend a course to become artists and keep on doing such an ancient and fascinating work.

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