Food and wine in Abruzzo

enogastronomia abruzzese

Food and wine in Abruzzo

Cheese, cold meats, wines and typical recipes that smell of sea and mountain. The variedness of the Abruzzo landscape is reflected in the typical Abruzzo cuisine.

Abruzzo recipes and typical products, from those produced in the mountains to the fresh fish of the coast, are simple and genuine, and are a tasty novelty for tourists and food lovers.

This is Abruzzo: a generous and hard-working land. Cheese, wine, and sauces are a mixture of tradition and passion for the land that for years has been offering fresh and savory products. The importance of nature, valleys and pastures, of cultivated lands, olive groves, and orchards have been, are, and will always be one of the strong points of this region.

First courses of Abruzzo

The tasty first courses of Abruzzo are true masterpieces, some of which have uncertain origin, just like timballo, whose recipe was introduced into Abruzzo by a stranger sailorman. Sauces, goat’s milk cheese, home made pasta are the typical ingredients of the traditional cuisine of Abruzzo. What better way to spend cold winters than polenta with sausages or chitarra pasta?

Wines of Abruzzo

The two most renowned wines of Abruzzo are Montepulciano and Trebbiano, and both are DOC wines. A red and a white wine with an intense flavor, produced with grapes cultivated in the gentle slopes of Abruzzo. If Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the Ideal match for red meat courses, and roasted meat in particular, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo goes great with fish, mixed meat grill, or delicate first courses such as pasta with fresh tomato sauce.

Cheese and cold meats of Abruzzo

Famous all over Italy, the cold meats and cheese of Abruzzo are a must in the traditional recipes of the region. Abruzzo cheese, especially the one produced using goat’s milk, is usually prepared adding aromatic herbs, that give it a particular aroma. Ewe’s cheese is one of the most renowned varieties of cheese, particularly the one produced in Atri and in Farindola. As for cold meats, we suggest you to taste the “lonzino”, local salami and sausages, and the delicious “coppa”.

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