Gran Sasso Natural Park

vacanza abruzzo parco nazionale gran sasso

Abruzzo has decided to protect its huge natural heritage by creating protected areas and natural parks, like the famous Gran Sasso Natural Park.

Activities in the Gran Sasso Natural Park

The area of the Gran Sasso Natural Park includes 44 communes of Abruzzo, in particular Assergi (L’Aquila) where there is the main office of the park, Lazio (Rieti) and Marche (Ancona). The National Park has a total surface of 370 thousand acres, most of them in Abruzzo. The highest pick, Corno Grande, is more than 2900 meters high. The Gran Sasso Natural Park is so large that it has been divided into 11 districts, each one with its own landscape and cultural peculiarities.
Flora and fauna have found their ideal place, and even protected species can live undisturbed, thanks to constant monitoring and to the care of the people who run this huge park.

Protected flora and fauna

Such a various heritage must be protected. Actually, in the Gran Sasso Natural Park there are two main species of protected plants: gentian and juniper. The typical animal that can be found inside the park is the Abruzzo chamois, an endemism of the Apennines zone. About 50 specimen of this species live inside the park.

Excursions and sports

A large territory offers a wide range of activities for tourists: walking tours, horse riding and biking tours. Winter sports can be done in the communes of Castel del Monte and Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Furthermore, if you love extreme experiences, you can go rock climbing and canoying.

How to reach the Gran Sasso Natural Park

The easiest way to reach the park is by the A24 highway if you come from South (Lazio), or by the A25 if you come from north (Teramo) or east (Pescara).

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