Biking tours

percorsi ciclismo in abruzzo

Bike tours in Abruzzo

Once you have tried it, you will never go back. Everybody, even those who do not love sports, loves mountain biking, since it combines physical activity and freedom.

There are many types of bike trails in Abruzzo, since the conformation of the ground varies from green woods to the blue sea.

If you love mountain biking, you love nature. Biking tours are a particular kind of holiday. You can cycle along mountain tracks, usually tortuous and very steep ones. You can cycle in valleys, breathing fresh air that smells of flowers. You can cycle along the streets of coastal towns, till you reach the beach, where you can rest a little bit before setting out again, always riding your bicycle.

Mountain Bike Tracks in Abruzzo

When mountain biking, everyone can cycle setting his own rhythm, according to his possibilities and to what he likes the most. As a consequence, Abruzzo offers two different types of tracks: biking tours with low difficulty and length, and excursions for those who love intense activity, with longer and more difficult tracks.

Muletrack or street?

Almost 30% of Abruzzo surface is part of a protected area. Landscape is one of this region strengths, and this attitude can be noticed in all aspects, even (and especially) in tourism. Usually, cycling tracks are mountain paths and muletraks. But street cycle tracks are situated in quiet zones too, where you can ride in complete freedom.

Bike tours and accommodation facilities in Abruzzo

Associations are Abruzzo trump cards, especially in tourism. In fact, many sports and mountain bike associations have special agreements with hotels to offer a place for excursionists to sleep during their biking tours.

In summer you can rent bikes for free at our hotel on the sea and ride 35 km of bike path

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