Thermal Spas in Abruzzo

stazioni termali in abruzzo

Relaxation, massages, wellness. Thermal spas of Abruzzo will make you recover the strength that sedentary life and quick-lunches have compromised.

Situated in the south of Abruzzo, thermal spas have mostly sulphureous waters, which can treat many pathologies.
Known since the Renaissance, they are a good choice for a relaxing weekend or a short period of rehabilitation.

In particular, in the zone near the Majella there are the thermal spas of Caramanico, Popoli and Raiano, while in Val Roveto there is the thermal spa of Canistro.

The Spas at the foot of the Majella

The thermal waters of Caramanico, Popoli and Raiano have been known since immemorial times for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, they are rich in hydrogen sulphide and treat respiratory, hepatic, and gastroenteric diseases. Not just a thermal bath, the spa proposes treatments like thermal muds, irrigations, and inhalations.

Canistro Spa

Canistro Spa is situated in the province of L’Aquila. Its thermal water is used to treat various diseases, in particular gynaecologic ones and the ones affecting the urinary system. This water is low in mineral content and helps treating calculosis and other metabolism disorders. For an effective but not stressful therapy.

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