Horse riding in Abruzzo

Horse riding in Abruzzo

Ecotourism includes a wide range of activities, but the basic thing is being in touch with the still unspoilt nature: equestrian tourism in Abruzzo is always richer and richer in paths.

Today, we are used to mechanic means of transportation, and it seems strange for us to think of a horse, which for millenniums has been helping men, as an adventure partner to trust during excursions and walks immersed in nature.

Abruzzo, with its parks and its immense woodland, is the ideal place to learn the basics of a sport that brings men back in touch with the still unspoilt nature. Equestrian tourism is growing, and in Abruzzo almost 20% of country houses organize horse riding tours.

Different names for horse riding

There isn’t a univocal name to refer to this sport. We can call it equestrian tourism, horse riding tourism, or equine tourism. Horse riding through the mountains and parks of Abruzzo creates a pleasant atmosphere, and, while chatting and visiting places of natural and cultural interest, time flies.

Horseback riding lessons

Many country houses offer the opportunity to learn how to horseback ride, in particular for those who try this sport for the first time. Acts that seem to be impossible at first sight, such as mounting, will soon become easy with a few lessons and a little exercise.

Farmstay and manège

Horse riding tours attract large groups of tourists: this is the reason why Il Cascinale has a price agreement with the Maneggio “Il Vecchio Forte”, where you can take your first lessons and then leave for fantastic adventures in the nature of Abruzzo.

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